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Alex and Jansen {Engaged}

I’ve known Alex and Jansen for several years and I was super excited when they asked me to be the photographer for their wedding this fall! They are truly in love and so easy to photograph. For their engagement pictures, we headed down to Crystal Cove State beach. I wanted to do beach shots but also mix it up with some field/natural looking backgrounds and it proved to be the perfect location for both. I wasn’t too happy about losing my wallet just an hour earlier but that all went away as we started shooting. We slowly made our way down to the beach and got some super fun photographs. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Herranen Family

I photographed this family down in San Juan Capistrano around the train station. I got to work with some nice soft, hazy light and we stopped by a few different locations getting some formal photographs as well as a lot of fun candids! Here are a few of my favorites from today:



Malibu Wedding Photography

Jason and Candice {Married}

Jason and Candice had one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever photographed. After the adventurous 6 hour engagement session one month ago, I knew this wedding was going to be incredibly fun! I photographed the ceremony and reception at the beautiful Villa Sancti Di Bella Vista in Malibu, California. The massive house and beautiful surroundings allowed for a great backdrop to the Great Gatsby themed wedding. Jason and Candice were perfectly at ease on the big day and I wish them a great marriage. Here are a few of my favorite photographs: