It can be challenging trying to find different places to do engagement photography. In Orange County, the most obvious place that jumps out is the many incredibly beautiful beaches we have here. But there are so many other places that offer up unique and fun photographs that many don’t realize! Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shoot at in no particular order:

1.  Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an Orange County icon. There are many beautiful and intimate beaches to photograph at. One of my favorite locations is The Montage hotel. There are beautiful pathways and a stunning beach and giant arch over the sand that offers some unique and beautiful photographs. To mix things up, you can also photograph downtown and cruise the streets and museum galleries for some fun non-beach photography.

2. Crystal Cove

This vast state park has some of the most pristine, untouched coastline in Orange County. There are miles and miles of boardwalks, bluffs, and stunning beaches. The beaches offer up cool rock formations and tide-pools. There are also many beautiful fields to shoot in and make sure to head there in the spring time when wild mustard plants paint the park a vibrant yellow. Also, head down to the Crystal Cove State Park Historic District where there are beautiful old beach cottages and the Beachcomber restaurant to get a nice dinner after taking photos.

3. San Juan Capistrano Los Rios District

Adjacent to the train station,  the Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano is a hot-spot for engagement and family photography. There are dozens of unique cottages with cool textures and backgrounds to shoot with and beautiful trees and flowers everywhere.

4. Segerstrom Center for the Arts

For an urban look, head to the Sagerstrom Center for the Arts for your engagement photography. Unique buildings and architecture offer up awesome backdrops, especially at night!

5. Other

Get out and explore! There are a lot of hidden gems in Orange County for engagement photography. Head to the OC Fair in the summer or Disneyland for fun photography. There are tons of amazing parks that are great for shooting at as well. San Clemente is a great place to have engagement photography as well with the Pier and Del Mar shopping areas.

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