When I first met AJ and Kaleigh at their venue a couple months before their wedding, I was overwhelmed with excitement! The place was incredible! Rancho Las Lomas is a spectacular private home and zoological garden tucked away in the foothills of Orange County. There were so many amazing opportunities to do portraits with the bride and groom that I had to leave a lot of ideas out. The couple was amazing to work with and very photogenic. I met with the bride at an estate where she and her 9!!! bridesmaids were getting ready. The bridesmaids dresses were all homemade at they were even still finishing the cuts that very morning. We soon made our way to the wedding venue at met with the guys (my assistant was with them all morning) and we did some family portraits before the ceremony. Everything went perfect all night and I came away with a lot of spectacular shots. Here are my favorites:


Can you tell me who did her hair and makeup? I love it!

Hi There I am Shanon, I did hair and makeup for Kaleigh and AJ’s wedding
( there were a few of us) I wanted to use a few of these beautiful pictures for my portfolio, would it be possible to get a few? Also I’d like to give you my contact info for referrals 🙂
Thank you!

I was just wondering if you knew who the designer of this wedding gown was? Thanks!

I am in love with the bridesmaid dresses. Who’s the designer?

I was wondering if you know the name of the designer of this dress? It’s beautiful!

Who is the designer of this remarkable dress? It is breath-taking!

The pictures and video are amazing, absolutely beautiful wedding! I have fallen in love with the brides dress and would be thrilled to know who the designer of the dress is? Thank you so much!

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